Blushes of Satin


Spring is here! This is old news, what isn’t old news is the SUN! After what feels like a loooong winter, which is embarrassing because I didn’t shovel one inch of snow, the sun peeking out from behind the thick layer of clouds coating the Californian skies is more than a dream come true.

While I love my gloomy, rainy days, I must say I am excited to see the flowers bloom and hear the birds chirp. I am even feeling inspired by the longer days. So much so that I’ve started a garden. What? But yes, I have started a garden. I so excitedly planted basil, sage, rosemary and rhubarb, along with many others, only to happily plant them so the bugs could happily eat them. At least someone benefited from my basil?

Moving on, this blush dress has been seen on here once before, but I was so inspired by the sun and by the still cooler mornings I decided to give this another go. Will this dress ever be worn on its own? The world may never know. Any who the soft blush pink paired with a  cream sweater is a Spring like dream. The hotter weather this day I posed next to this pink door, which it was only 75 (what?), made it the perfect running around frock. I love me a great slip dress, and one with some shine? Yes, please.

Shop spring dresses that play nice with sweaters below.



Blazer Noir


Blazers are having a moment.

I feel everywhere I look someone is pairing a black blazer with something. Whether that be a jean, a skirt, a spring dress (too far?) it’s there and it’s hovering so I jumped on board because I love a structured/ un-structured moment.

One of my style icons is Harry Styles, and he is basically unstructured chic at its finest. I love the London cosmopolitan way his stylist dresses him, all unbuttoned flowing tops and patterned blazers with a   touch of glitter, I mean…what. Total ICON.

So in lieu of loving Harry, I find myself more draw to London Town by way of inspiration. This means I naturally follow London bloggers, and as I have mentioned the name of Lorna Luxe before, it’s no surprise that my first black blazer came from her collection.

While I have loved the pieces in her collection thus far, I must say, this blazer left me wanting more. The material was a bit light and it felt and sounded like a costume you buy at your local Halloween store. However, I can’t complain because it was a steal of a deal and now I can wear it to my heart’s content and not worry about ruining some overpriced blazer, because I am the person that gets paranoid about things like that.

Also, it has some nifty shoulder pads which really helps to give it the structure it is desperately lacking from the material. When paired with something flimsy like a silk dress, the blazer makes an outfit look constructed and un-structured all at the same time.

You can also take this daytime, night time, mid-day, early morning dog walk, really anywhere. The key to styling a blazer is to treat it like you would an over coat you would wear with anything, don’t think much about, and know can play nice with whatever you have in your closet.

Just throw it on and trust it’ll be there for you like your best friend, and really, that’s the magic.



Shades of Spring


Ahh the flowers are blooming, color is springing up all around us and it is quite a sight to behold.

With all the rain comes greener mountain tops and an abundance of flowers, which makes for very happy people.

While the sun may be creeping up earlier and sticking around later, finding pieces that are still able to handle a hot afternoon and crisp mornings are what I’m all about pretty much all of the time. When I found this light knit dress, I thought it perfect for so many things. It’s great as a winter layer to pair with some leggings or tights, boots all bundled together with a larger over coat. Or great for spring with just it’s self and a fun platform because hotter afternoons call for a more fun shoe option. Or this should even be worn in flight for any spring or summer travels

Just throw this on with some yoga pants, trainers and a jean jacket and your cozy and ready to go. It is the most delicious outfit really if you think about it. And a turtleneck on a plane is a yes please. Those planes can become so chilly it’s absolutely absurd, but I guess it makes it sterile?

Enough babbling, find a sweet turtleneck dress below to sail you into longer days with the sun.



Fresh and Clean


Spring is all about new beginnings. Turing over a new leaf, cleaning out cluttered corners and breathing in the pollen soaked fresh air, right?

With rain comes along much more greenery and cooler days. So even though I’m dying to pull out my spring dresses and frolic in the overly green fields, the spring showers are telling me to pull out my knits. This oversized white sweater feels like a new beginning because it’s oversized and pure white, and the back is completely open so it definitely picks up those spring breezes. Pairing it with the knit skirt is also different. Of course you can pair it with skinny jeans or a light wash denim, but a skirt gives the outfit a spring in its step.

Pairing garments in different ways can give your wardrobe new life without breaking the bank. Challenging yourself to pair that jean skirt that’s sitting in the back of your closet with a white button down and some platforms is simple and easy. Breaking down a structured look into something you can hang out and grab drinks in with the girls gives that button down more than just a safe for work vibe.

Spring is all about new beginnings and reworking those pieces that we might have forgotten about when we were bundled up in layers upon layers of drab.

So let’’s hit refresh together.



Tan Skirts


A crisp white blouse can do no wrong in my book.

Also, the belt gives me star-trek vibes, but I’m not mad about it.

Let’s dive in.

Going off of last post’s look, we have again the same skirt but in a different color. I told you I loved this skirt. I also love tan. We all know about my tan obsession from the winter, so I found it fitting to give that hue a go in something other than my sweater collection. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Here we have the skirt paired with a nice oversized blouse. I find when I wear this blouse it can become very pirate like or Shakespeare in the park, I have received both comments (compliments? Depends who you’re asking). Any who, for this blouse to now enter into a Star Trek category… when will this blouse ever just be a white blouse? Who knew I would be getting so much personality in one purchase.

Anyways, I feel like a buttercup in this outfit, and my skirt is the stem. It’s easy, it’s cinched and it’s breezy. Beautiful! Also, does this not seem like spring. I’m one sunshine ray away from blinding everyone with my bleached white blouse.

It’s here, I’m here, and we’re ready for Spring.

Shop your own crisp white blouse below, and say hello to Spring. Personality not included.



Spring Greens


It is finally spring, so this calls for some transitional knits.

While I have been filling up my shopping cart with all things summer, the clouds still hover overhead so I have been styling some of my thinner knits to help keep me warm while still being breathable during those randomly hot afternoons. Also, can we just take a minute for this skirt. This is something I will be styling and wearing a lot in this coming season, which is fun since styling a skirt can be a bit tricky. Honestly, the way I look at it is like a pair of pants. For the most part if the skirt is a neutral color, which in this case it is, it’ll pair like most of my high waisted jeans would. I can throw on a button dow, tie up a t-shirt or wear a flowy blouse. The body hugging knit acts like a catch all base, so pairing something that flows on top is a nice balance. Also, when in doubt, cinching it all together with a belt makes everything right again. Focusing on this skirt though, I love that it’s a beautiful cream color, which is very new beginnings, no? Adding a light hue to a spring capsule wardrobe is always a delight after pulling gray and blacks all winter. I also love that it’s body hugging while being modest in length.

This can be an errands look, an office look or a night out with the girls moment. Also, I am OVER pants. Like done, girl, bye.

I have noticed that I did not love pants as much as I used to. I mean, pants are wonderful and I will never turn my back completely on them, but a skirt is nice for when you just want your legs to be free, and after a winter of bundling up my legs in everything from tights to over the knee boots, I’m done.

So let’s be free together, shop some fun winter to spring pieces below.



Sailor Inspired


Have I met a sailor?

I can’t say for sure.

Do I still think this is sailor inspired?

For sure.

Now I tend to find myself wearing the colors red, white and blue very often. My whole family does really. It’s like subconsciously we’re drawn to these colors, or they just match really well? So when I pulled this together I thought, “Ahh, definitely going to look patriotic,” which is what I normally think. However, what I really thought was: take me out to sea because today I am a sailor.

It could be the folded over collar of the top, and the fact that the stripes add to a nautical vibe, but in an effort to try patterns and colors in an ever gloomy storm, I thought I’d pair these two together and sure enough, some sort of magic happened. I love when an outfit is put together so effortlessly, it proves that all the random pieces you buy can actually work together and play nice.

I fall prey to buying one off pieces that are so fun and interesting but are a nightmare to pair. You know the one dress that can only be worn with this slip so it isn’t see through, which can then only be styled with those shoes because the colors match, but not those pants because they hit at an awkward length, and I don’t have another dress that exact length to balance out the shoes and it just goes on really.

I find most things high waisted works for me, add a stripe, and that’s basically a safe neutral outfit match made in haven. And it fulfills pattern quota. Wasn’t that easy?



Polka Dot


Excuse my extremely pale extremities, but here we are.

Pretending it’s spring amidst all this rain and pockets of sunshine, that I so bravely walk out in mini dresses in. I must say, even if the weather shows no signs of stopping, styling a fun color or pattern does give me hope that there is sunshine out there just waiting on the horizon.

A pattern also doesn’t have to be something tricky to pair, we saw a few blog posts ago, the tweed number I was bopping around in (which is still a favorite), and now we have a fun polka dot number, with an open back no less. When I got this I was very excited that it looked just as cute in person as it did on the site. I am not one for ruching near the derriere, I know the consensus is that it makes your curves curvier, but I ifnd it to be a bit aggressive and distracting. However, my sister commented on it and said it was fun, and she hates most everything I wear, so maybe there is something to be said for butt ruching?

Also, the minute I got this I thought of the prefect spring fête to wear this to: a bridal shower! Right? During spring when the sun is starting to warm up the earth, and your surrounded by gal pals new and old and you want to look nice, but not too over the top, it’s perfect for something like that. And polka dots make it whimsical, no?



Satin Shimmers


Have I worn something like this before, probably yea, but it’s okay because that shows this is tried and true.

I love a great slip dress, it’s no secret, but with the winter weather showing no sign of stopping, pulling my beloved pieces can be tricky. While I am unable to show you all that this dress can do (yes there are drawstrings involved) I still wanted to wear it in some fashion. The satin is super soft! Which is nuts because, no offense to In the Style (which this piece is again part of Lorna’s fabulous collection), I find that more price conscious pieces that have a satin type fabric involved are on the more scratchy side. which is not a slight to the retailer’s choice of fabric, satin is polyester as it is the poor man’s silk (let’s be real) so in general it’s hard to find a nice satin.

However, this piece did not leave my skin feeling like sandpaper, and made me want to cozy up even more with a favorite oversized sweater. The sweater can obviously be tied at the waist to give me a shape, or draped down to lend a hand to a cozier vibe that’s still a little polished. I also love how the satin fabric plays nicely against the textile of the woven sweater. This dress has a cowl neckline which is something I shy away from as it is not the most flattering, but honestly, it’s great for winter to layer, and come summer it’ll be fun to sashay around in any beach patio I happen to find myself seated at. The fabric is gorgeous, feels luxurious and the color is oh so flattering, even for a ghost like me.

I mean, who doesn’t feel sophisticated in something that shimmers?