Easy Breezy


There is nothing complicated abut this look. In fact, there is nothing ever complicated about plain white tees, so prepare to see a lot of this shirt buzzing around these posts.

I have always loved a great tee, and even more a great plain white version. The opportunities of styling and pairing are endless. A plain white tee can be paired with shorts and jeans just as easily with a flouncy flirty skirt. The white tee serves as a great base, not shocking that love a good base, and a white tee is exactly that. Also, paired with this fluffy cardigan, it’s as good as the whip cream on top of a gloriously creamy vanilla sundae.

While the whites may not be matching perfectly, the comfort and joy that this outfit brings me leads me to not care about the difference between eggshell or porcelain hues. When I’m running around on a weekend, I want my outfit to be comfortable but put together. A high waisted jean keeps everything in, and the elastic woven throughout the denim blend moves with me instead of against me.

I know it’s normally discouraged to purchase stretchy jeans, but truly that is a secret to a great pair. You find a jean with a lot of elastic blended throughout, take it down a size, and let that pair grow with you. While over time they can become too stretched out to bounce back, the journey there is well worth the trip, and then they do become those jeans you throw them on to garden or take the dog out for a walk. Voila, a great pair of throw around jeans’ manifests with no added price tag. This outfit will take on many different identities, but today it is the weekend work wear look that it’s representing.

It’s the white tee that can go the distance, paired with the jeans that will befriend it along the way.



Paper-bag Shorts


This outfit is very French riviera to me. So much so that I posed with the only boat mural I seem to know of to sell the half-baked dream that I’m near a pier and not in a fancy strip mall. The heat, my friends, has finally arrived, in all its full baked splendor.

Which means wearing sleeves was a travesty, but since the fabric was cotton, it made it far more bearable. Also, these shorts. WOW. Do they breathe. And isn’t that all we’re looking for? Gone are the days of jort wedgies, and hello shorts that are high waisted with a bow for definition and a fabric that moves with you.

It’s the little luxuries.

While I may incessantly talk about weather on this blog, as this is the sun which my wardrobe revolves around, something I notice I have been also lamenting on are textiles. What to wear and how to pair it. Your fabric of choice greatly determines the level of comfort you will be experiencing. While a great jumper may be excellent in cut, length and pattern, if it’s made of polyester…? BUH-BYE. The likeliness that you’ll be styling it for the warm months you look forward to donning it for are little to none.

However, take same said jumpsuit and turn it on its head to a sweet linen or even cotton number and you have yourself a staple piece you’ll be pulling every time you need to just look put together with no brain power involved. We all know, conserving energy of any kind amidst a heat wave that threatens to suck every, last drop from you while you are in the act of sitting is necessary to keep in the forefront of your frontal lobes.

So, while this outfit was covered more than I initially thought long term about when putting together this French inspired moment together, whenever a breeze hit that current went right through the garment and cooled me off instantly, and I was reminded about the power of a great fabric.

After all, that is the magic of a great textile.



Flora and Fauna


It was a serendipitous moment to walk upon the flowers that were blooming in a dress very similar in hue and feeling. I love this dress, and obviously the pattern, but mostly the cut and structure. I love a flowy-boxy number as much as the next girl, but sometimes a formfitting dress with a great pattern and a little frill is exactly what one needs to welcome in the blooms of Spring.

It was also serendipitous that on this day, at this time, the clouds started shifting to allow a little sun on an otherwise rather gloomy day. It made me realize that flowers are blooming, and it is indeed Spring. And while it has been rainy and misty most mornings, the water only helps the flowers to bloom bigger and brighter, which leaves a smile on my face a mile long.

Ugh, it’s the little things.

I also call this dress my tea dress. Is it a proper tea dress? I’m not sure, as I feel that any dress of a certain length can be a tea dress if you wish, but this dress with the high neck and ruffle down the bodice makes it feel rather posh, while not polishing off the bank account. Pieces that have a little character gives your wardrobe that attention to detail effect which leaves people remembering your astute sense of style. This is the secret to curating a wardrobe that is unique, while not really breaking the bank, and this dress added exactly what my Spring wardrobe needed.

Which was a spring my step.



Coat of One Color


This tunic, kimono, coat (?) photographed beautifully if I do say so myself, and the fact that it matches my bag in hue was very unexpected but overly appreciated.

This duster was hand sewn by Christian Bedouins in Israel, so one of a kind it is. I recently voyaged to Israel and my oh my was it a beautiful retreat. One that unfortunately cannot be translated by mere words and pictures, but a trip that recalibrated my Spirit in new and profound ways, and all I have to show for it are a few trinkets, but mainly a renewed attitude.

Now, on to the coat of one color.

This was difficult for me to style, I mean this outfit is pretty basic, but I wanted to make the coat the focal point as it is beautiful ad deserves all the attention it can get. I mean, it pretty much demands it, but the coat is the perfect spring touch.

The material itself is cotton so it breathes fantastically and the print is keeping up with my love of etoile at the moment, so it parlays very nicely into my Spring wardrobe story. When intruding a piece that is a bit more difficult to pair, keeping everything grounded around it is the key. As if we didn’t learn that previously, but still it is important to note as this is my own personal mantra. And, so far, it hasn’t led me astray.

While I contend with this thought of style and fashion, something I have come to terms with is this: in every great closet, a basic and perfect understanding of staple pieces is essential for growth. You are only as good as your foundation, so while I want the feathers and flowers, I need to respect, understand and invest in the simple pieces that make them shine.

Shop the finishing pieces below to give your staples a fun friend.



Very Versailles


I literally feel like a child of Versailles in this dress. Like, if I was Marie Antoinette’s kid, I would be playing the garden in this dress. Well, at least I feel this way.

This dress made me realize how important a babydoll is, which is basically the antithesis of the body-hugging dress I wore previously, but let’s disregard that shall we. This dress is perfect for garden parties, baby or bridal showers, a BBQ, really anything that takes place outdoors with a breeze.

I also love the pattern; the French pattern makes it feel unique and very cultured. Can an item of clothing even be cultured? I feel like I have a little bit of Paris with me in this dress, even though it was designed in London and manufactured in China, but I digress. Fashion is global isn’t it?

A babydoll is also great for days when you are feeling a little bit more boated and not cute. But what is cute is the color and pattern. So even though you want your whole body to be engulfed in the coziest of blankets, a pattered babydoll shift dress will have to do because, unfortunately, you must face reality.

And who would want to do it anything less sweet?



Wrapped With a Bow


And here we are.

The final piece.

The marriage of my favorite thing with my not so favorite thing.

This is a story of how my elaborate blouse met with my bright pink patterned mini skirt.

I have been mentioning how pairing a neutral with a skirt is a method to dip your toes into the world of “out-side-your-comfort-zone” fashion, but I decided to take it up a notch and pair my new organza blouse from Zara with the skirt, since the pink matches so perfectly. So, this was practically a neutral if you look at it that way.

Let’s break it down.

The blouse itself is a standout piece, and the skirt is also a unique piece, yet they don’t fight for attention because of their commonality: hot pink. It’s the basic vein that threads the two pieces together and unites them in one fashionable front. This is what I want my outfits to be all about. While I always try to get the blazer, relaxed button down, severely skinny toothpick jeans in order for my everyday outfit, I love when the fashion fairies come together and wave their magical wand to bring forth fun and whimsy.

Fashion to me, throwing it back to that existential question, means fun. A true stylist can take something “daunting,” like this pink organza top perhaps, and make it work. They can tame the top and style it 20+ different ways, and it’s a hit each time. They aren’t hindered by sparkle or pattern, but are able to conceptualize how it will add a touch of something extra, and something just right, to an ensemble that was missing it the whole time. It also isn’t Avantgarde for the sake of being noteworthy. While I love an all feather moment, the garment just sometimes is too fashion for the sake of fashion, and that makes it a bit too try-hard.

So while I am not calling myself a maven of taming even the wildest pieces amongst us, I felt proud and excited that my mind worked in this new way it never would have before if I didn’t just try to pair the skirt the first time with a neutral piece. Since I had been working my mind in a new way, a whole bevy of possibilities opened up, and I found I had more pieces in my closet that worked well with this skirt in unexpected ways I had not considered before. I also was proud that I didn’t cop out with the blouse and pair it lazily with some jeans. While I might do that in another post, I am happy to have waited and to give the top the moment it deserved.

With the skirt it deserved.



Pared Down


Since I’m feeling confident in my skirt journey, and as this is my favorite piece at the moment, you will be seeing a lot of this skirt. In this look, I styled the skirt with a button down, like I mentioned in the previous post.

Once this weather heats up, like I’m hoping and praying it will, this outfit will be perfect for some aperitifs seaside. The skirt is great because it doesn’t take up much room in a day bag and can elevate an outfit instantly. The skirt is great for a breezy beach afternoon, while the linen top keeps me covered. And, lest we forget that linen can help with climate control of the internal heating and cooling system. This pairing is perfect from boardwalks to brunch spots and shows again just how easily a skirt like this can be styled.

The blouse itself is a little bit more structured, but the skirt makes it more playful. Also, again, the blouse is something that would pair great with denim and is a neutral. This outfit is also a great ensemble to take with you from Spring to Summer. The days may be warming up, but they can drop to 60 and raining just like that. While it may be great for my garden (maybe?) it’s not so great for my skirting life, but we’ll get there.

In the meantime, I can take my linen button down and pair it as I always have, with a great pair of denim.



Shady Looks


Subconsciously, I am trying to make it a goal to not wear jeans and push the boundaries with my wardrobe. Recently, I have been having conversations about style and fashion and what it really means. It’s almost like the “eye is in the beauty of the beholder” type of conversations. What I think is fashionable or stylish, someone may think is Avant Garde and gaudy. Or what someone thinks is time well spent on an outfit, I think they spent no time at all thinking about what they threw together. Isn’t that interesting, or is this just insular?

I feel very innovative with this outfit. I feel the ruffled sleeves distract you from the fact that this is just another Bardot top paired with some trousers that could be in the neighborhood of “fashion cargo” pant. The color palette is light and fresh and reminiscent of summers spent in the Middle East or Greece. Even if the spring showers threaten to ruin my dreams of a sun sweltering day, I can still feel a little hopeful with a blue and white stripe and some cream pants. The pants are also both stretchy and breathable. That’s basically heaven sent come the summer days of 100+ degrees, but is questionable during the reality of 60 and below temps.

Regardless, I think the details of the pant and blouse give this look dimension and makes me feel more stylish than I may seem. Given that the total thought of this wardrobe was less than two seconds. Sometimes you see a vison, and when it strikes, you need to pounce.

So pounce on the items below and let your imagination run wild.



Easy Breezy


Does this pattern look familiar? I feel very much like the fairies in Sleeping Beauty deciding which color I like better in this print. Am I biased to blue or pink? I can’t decide, but fortunately there are different garments with the same pattern, offered in two different colors, well three technically, but don’t get me started on the nude, which I think (unsurprisingly) may be my favorite color of them all?

Any who, a skirt can seem daunting to wear since it’s a separate that can be rather uncomfortable and tricky. And on top of it, this skirt has a pattern in bright pink, so what could one possibly pair with it? Well the solution I use to tackle anything that seems daunting is: find a neutral.

This doesn’t just mean color.

A skirt, for me, is the hardest thing to work with because of so may factors. There’s the length, where it hits on your waist, and basically just how it dominates the whole outfit, yet it sits on your hips. And the hips/tummy area isn’t always a place I want to highlight. So how does one begin? Well I was perusing one blogger’s stories and I found that she was wearing a beautiful ornate skirt with a button up white blouse.

That’s it.

She took something that seemed to be overwhelming (the skirt) and pared it down (the white button-up blouse). It took that white button-down up a notch and made the skirt stand out, but not in an overpowering way. It didn’t feel like the skirt was wearing her, even though it really could if not done correctly.

So, I took to my closet and decided to pair the skirt with something I was comfortable with, because the skirt itself I was not. I paired it with one of my “neutrals.” The white tee or, in this case, white lace bodysuit. It’s a neutral in color (white), neutral in pattern (a little lace), and neutral in comfortability (I would wear it with jeans) and voila: the skirt is styled.

 I want to introduce more pieces into my every day that normally wouldn’t. I am much more comfortable in an over the top blouse and jeans than a tricky to style skirt and tee, but fashion is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and working your brain in a different way. This allows you to look at that button-down blouse that you associate with boring board room meetings and cooler chats with a night out on the town.

All you need is a fun skirt and little imagination.



Best Textile for Spring


Linen pieces are slowly but surely taking center stage in my wardrobe. How can they not, the weather is begging to warm up, but still sprinkling May showers here and there to keep us on our toes and our flowers in bloom. Also, I hear that linen helps with hot and cold weather patterns. Allegedly, it keeps you cool when it becomes warmer, and keeps you warm when it becomes colder. I guess that theory is valid, but I’ve never paid attention. So, I suppose one could say in my oblivious state the theory proved to be true.

Who knows, but it does make me want to try some linen bedsheets. Then we’ll really know if it has this whole air conditioning/heating software downloaded into its fibers.

All this to say, I felt breezy and cheery in this all linen ensemble, and yes, the pieces are meant to not match. While an all-white outfit is a look, I want something a little bit off kilter to cut the look and make me not feel paranoid if I find myself too close to something that stains. Also, this top has a “cami undershirt” woven in. I say “undershirt” because it’s only sewn to the front. There is not a back to the “cami” so it makes it quite interesting for undergarment purposes, but extremely welcoming for summer heat purposes. Like, how innovative. It’s a layer without the feeling of being layer. Quite inspired.

Shop linen separates to mix and match in the heat or the chill.